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Yoga Ball "Om"


A Key Asset To Help Stay In Shape

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This large flexible ball, invested in the 1960s by Swiss doctor Suzanne Klein-Vogelbach to promote functional rehabilitation, has now become a workout must-have. And for good reason, its many benefits and fun use make it one of the most interesting fitness accessories, even during and after pregnancy.

The Key Principle:

Maintain balance during static and dynamic positions so that the ball's instability creates added challenge for even the most simple exercises.  A yoga ball is an easy way to prevent boredom with your workouts.

This ball is ideal for toning the upper and lower body but also for stretching or practicing yoga and Pilates.

For effective and gentle muscle strengthening, the ball conforms to the shape of the exercise or pose to provide maximum support and comfort.  


5 Good Reasons To Integrate A Yoga Ball Into Your Exercise Routine :
  • Your Ally In The Quest For A Flat Stomach:

The entire abdominal midsection is constantly used, helping you tone and refine your waist, eliminating the dreaded "muffin top".

  • Strengthens Your Core:

    Compliment your traditional training with deep muscle work that strengthens the spine.

    • Adopt A Better Posture:

    Excellent way to help correct the bad habit of slouching. When using the ball as a chair, the instability of the ball forces you to repeatedly reposition yourself as well as be aware of your posture. Being balanced on the ball allows you to work on proprioception by increasing activity of opposing muscles which naturally lead to better joint stability.

    •  To Prevent Injury:

    A reinforced core, better posture, more stable and stronger joints - all lead to better support during functional movements and helps prevent injuries during sports activities on a daily basis.

    • A Major Health Advantage:

    Good posture and strengthening the abdominal and back muscles help prevent chronic back pain. Additionally, micro-movements to maintain stability and non-static posture improve blood circulation.

    In short, a yoga ball can improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination - all incredibly essential elements to having a healthy body.