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FierceTech®️ Yoga Mat


What are the secrets of a good yoga practice?


Whether you're a beginner or expert, a good yoga practice always starts with a good yoga mat.

A good mat must stabilize you during your movements and allow you to stay anchored to the ground so you avoid injuries.

Thanks to our alignment markings, you will be able to complete your poses with confidence.

A Versatile Mat:

Made from TPE, your yoga mat will be fully recyclable and 100% eco-friendly, no chemical material was used during production, avoiding odors and preserving your health.

Handy and light, weighing only 2 pounds, you can easily take your mat with you wherever you go.  Also, the carrying bag offered with the mat will allow you to store or transport it even more easily.

Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof & Breathable: The surface of our mat is breathable so it does not retain water or sweat, allowing you to stay dry during your session.
  • Anti-slip: Our mat has an anti-slip surface grip on both sides, one side with specially designed grooves for the floor while the other is a more firm texture to stabilize your hands and feet on the mat during your asanas.
  • ProtectionWith its 6mm thickness, our yoga mat supports you by absorbing minimal shocks from falls or high impact exercises.
  • Hygienic:  Having your own mat ensures its cleanliness and prevents cross-contamination with others using a mat in a studio class.

As a bonus:

You will instantly receive our introduction to yoga guide to start your yoga learning.


Additional Details

  • Length : 72 in x 24 in / 183 x 61cm
  • Width : 6mm
  • Weight : 2.2 lb / 1kg
  • Transport bag is free!
  • Delivery time is approximately 20 working days (See information on COVID-19)