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Fiercetech® Yoga Wheel: Buddha Lotus Edition

The Fiercetech® yoga wheel Buddha Lotus edition is made of eco-responsible natural composite oak.

It is the perfect companion to develop and open the rib cage, shoulders, back and hips. It's also an effective way to work on balance, strength and flexibility.

The yoga wheel is used to help beginners and advanced practitioners to stretch their back and relax tight muscles before and after yoga class.

  • Improves yoga postures
  • Allows for deeper stretches to bring your practice to an advanced level
  • Contributes to the deeper relaxation of the spine
  • Works the opening of the hips and rib cage
  • Provides support for difficult poses
  • Add creativity to your yoga practice
  • Lightweight and portable : the yoga wheel can be carried anywhere
  • Soft surface with with a pleasant non-slip touch
  • Eco-responsible footprint thanks to the natural oak coating

    Dimensions : 13 inches x 5 inches / 33cm x 13cm
    Weight: 2.8 pounds / 1.3kg
    Maximum Weight Supported : 286 pounds / 130 kilos

    Precautions for use : Store your yoga wheel in a dry place away from direct heat.