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FierceTech® Yoga Mat - Chakras Limited Edition Cork Mat


Take The Time To Align Your Chakras 

Ecological and ethical, the FierceTech® limited edition cork mat is perfectly suited for practicing yoga, Pilates or any other fitness training - whether your doing high intensity or light stretching. Cork's natural waterproof and non-slip properties provides optimal grip, assuring maximum stability and safe asana sequences even during intese yoga practice conditions such as Hot Yoga or Bikram

The mat has guaranteed comfort thanks to its spacious dimensions and 5mm thickness to support your joints.

Cork is 100% natural material with multiple qualities: 

  • Peach touch texture
  • One of the lightest materials
  • Resistant, durable and tear-proof
  • Naturally and easily absorbs perspiration

Try it, you'll love it!

Dimensions: 72 in x 24 in / 183 cm x 61 cm